Petición para que Jimi y Wilson vengan a dar un concierto a España

Petición para un concierto de Jimi Blue y Wilson Gonzalez en Madrid,espero que os animéis y "firméis" dándole a "Pídelo", podéis dejar comentarios para que los de la página vean que tiene fans en España y lo traigan,si se consiguen bastantes firmas "Pide un concierto" se encarga de intentar traerlo.Muchas pensarán que es imposible que Jimi o Wilson vengan a aqui pero pensad que si viene a España sería su oportunidad para salir de Alemania y promocionarse en otros países,no creo que rechace la petición ya que le conviene ser reconocido en Europa. Por favor,NO EMPECÉIS A CREAR PETICIONES ABSURDAS PARA QUE JIMI VAYA A VUESTRAS CIUDADES Y FIRMAD ÉSTA. Pensad un poquito y no seais tan egoístas, yo soy de Álava y no voy pidiendo que hagan conciertos aquí, pienso en los demás y sé que a todo el mundo le viene bien en Madrid ya que está en el centro de España. Si conseguimos que lo traigan pues ya nos pondremos de acuerdo más adelante para pedir otro concierto en otra ciudad importante pero primero tenemos que conseguir que venga a Madrid y si seguís creando peticiones no lo vamos a lograr,sed inteligentes y no lo echéis todo por la borda por vuestro puro interés y egoísmo.

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domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008


Bueno, ayer Jimi cumplió 17 años, esperemos que le vayan muuuy bieen :D y no me lo curro mucho por que tengo que irme ^^

(Ayer no pude subir por que estuve todo el día fuera, lo siento.)

domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008


Nuevas cosas en DeutschRock:


(creo que solo hay un par de camisetas, por que lo demás me suena)

jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

Fechas TV

20.12.2008 / 16:00 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr / RTL2 / The Dome (Wdh.)
22.12.2008 / 22:15 Uhr - 00:15 Uhr / Super RTL / The Dome (Wdh.)26.12.2008 / 17:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr / VIVA / The Dome (Wdh.)
04.01.2009 / 16:00 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr / VIVA / The Dome (Wdh.)


El link, no me deja ponerlo aqui T_T

Sentimos mucho no haber actualizado durante este tiempo, a mi se me estropeó el PC, estamos de finales, etc.

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Letra de Killer queen:

Gracias a Ainara ^^

Verse 1:
The lights go down 2 opponents, 12 rounds
they can't hear themselves
cause the crowd's so fucking loud
body to body, yeah, fist to fist,
the aim is knock em' out, win some respect
a world championship there's so much at stake
it only takes a second to land on your face
she walks the walk, she talks the talk,
everybody bow
as she moves through the crowd.
She's the killer queen
she sting like a bee,
she floats like a butterfly
there ain't no other fighter like her alive
she's the killer queen
the killer queen,
my beauty queen
you've gotta wa-watch her
to know what I mean.
Verse 2:
The ground's shaking,
her opponent shit scared
she's got the killer instinct
her enemies beware
her cold hard stare,
a breath of fresh air
she ain't afraid of shit
to spill some blood everywhere
the show goes on
as the floats across the ring
killer queen, killer queen
is what the crowd sing
wibf, wba, the world take note the
killer queen's here to stay.
Stop - let's see how it's now ha
right hook, upper cut,
double hit, double points
right jab, left hook,
she's down she's out
another win by knockout
my killer queen
come on, take a bow, take a bow.
Verse 1:
Allow the share
this real short story wit chu
about the fly in the jar,
which struggled hard
to break through
it was trapped by mistake,
stuck with no real clue
how to escape it's jail of glass,
but it was lucky too see
the jar was pretty old
with some decent cracks
just right for the escape
yeah, there was hope for that
it would make it's way
out the jar eventually
and find an opening
take the chance
to live life free (you know).
We all are meant to live
the life we want
we're never meant to leave
our dreams behind
we're always meant to live
the life we want
just don't forget... Nah, I wont forget
Verse 2:
I once knew a girl,
her family was poor
her father'd lost his job -
their fate was unsure
then her mama died...
She wouldn't stop to cry
and at that point she thought
she wouldn't survive
but she remembered -
remembered the dream
she always had
decided to fight
and take life in her own hands
it was a struggle...
but she kept going on
and at the end
she archieved everything
she ever dreamed of.

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2008

Letra de Closet

Gracias a Ainara ^^


In the closet, here we go, here we go

In the closet, we loose control

In the closet, take off your top

In the closet, closet, closet, closet

In the closet, there we go, there we go

In the closet, I wanna give you some more

In the closet, baby take off your skirt

In the closet, it’s time for privacy.

Verse 1:

I wanna smack that,

I know you like that

I push the right button,

I don’t need high-tec…

Technology, baby watch and see

I’m a real player,

You don’t need a low battery

I got the tecnic,

Bring you on your knees

You’re a high class mummy,

You’re a poetry

I wanna freak you here,

I wanna freak you there

Girl I wanna freak you outta

This atmosphere.


Touch baby, go!

Squeeze baby, go!

Show me what you got,

I know you wanna scream for more

Crawl baby (ah!)

On the floor dirty (ah!)

I take my time baby,

Let’s get wild.

Verse 2:

Abra kadabra, hokus pokus

See your tight jeans

And I keep on focus

I can’t take my eyes of you,

You’re a dejavu

You got the right spo,

Tell me what you wanna do

Oh, you wanna play (wuha, wuha!)

You scracht my back and say (wuha, wuha!)

We’ve got a lot of options

But no time to waste

Take of your clothes,

Put your hands on the sealing!

Verse 3:

It’s getting hot and here

Now I know that you know

What I mean baby

Oh it’s getting weird

Oh it’s getting so hot

I know you doin it babe

Let’s take it to the top.

Letra de Do the ya

Gracias a Ainara ^^

Verse 1:

I’m so fly I got it right,

Step up in the club all the girls like hie

My Air Force Ones shine so bright

Check the little pinky shine so bright

It’s new dance It’s a new thang

I’m gonna let right out go bang

30 on the one

30 on the two

Hit me on the celly coz U wanna come thru

Turn around and get low with it.


Get low with it

Turn around back it up and get low with it

Two step with it

Now turn around back it up and do the ya ya.

Ya ya ya ya ……………….

Verse 2:

You can yaya on a bus

Yaya on a train

Ridin in ur car or flyin on a plane

Chitty chitty bang do it all day

When U think it’s over do it all again

So how many ya’ll wanna dace like we

Move like we do the ya like me.

Ringa ringa ding ding

Let it all swing

It’s a new dance turn around

Babie get low.

To all the ladys lookin fly

With the Gucci on the side

Say ya ….. yayaya

To all the fellas in the club rockin

Air Force Ones U say ya

Ya triq ya ya

To my fans round the world

who be showin me luv say ya


to all the mamas and the pappas

who be chillin at home U say ya…

Letra de Electro bitch

Gracias a Ainara ^^

Verse 1:

This is Jimi B Jay boy blue and

People talk thinkin’ Jay B is ruined

Say they don’t know

And dig what I’m doin’

But at home they on Youtube and viewin’

JImi this Jimi that gotta stop it

I’m on top of my game wanna top it?

If you don’t think it’s hot

Why you drop it?

Jimi touch – Jimi gold –

It’s a pop hit!


Freak out

Flip the electro switch

Turn the bass up

Jimi’s on electro trip

Freak out

Rock on the boom boom ship

Turn the bass up

Jimi B electro bitch


Verse 2:

This is Jimi

Whit my good old beatbox

Hit my fingers on the pads

Till the beat rocks

Got my mind on the girls

Wearin’ knee-socks

Droppin’ tracks

So ill you call for Detox

Let me rip this mic

To split the nation

As I burn down

This radiostation

If they lock me up

For the creation

I’ll come back

And I’ll spit on probation.

Letra de In da klub

Gracias a Ainara ^^

Wer’re in the club in the club

And we’re looking for love

So tell me where it’s at

Out on the floor

Wanting more

She’s givin it all

So ima give back.

We walk in right thru the front door

Me and all my peeps

We heading str8

For de dancefloor

Know you feel the heat:

We bringin love to this party

We bringin life to this party

You the reason why I’m here

So babie tell me how you want it

(let’s get started).

Yes I want it

I know you got it

There’s something crazy bout you

I can’t put my finger on it

Let’s keep on rocking

Jus rocking to it

It’s U and I together

We jus lookin for that love

(come on over let’s do it).

We been uptown downtown

Looking for that love

The way you come around here

Makes me wanna get it near

C’mon let’s get it on;

The night will soon be gone

Let’s make it last

Take chance

We can turn it on.

Letra de Bounce

Gracias a Ainara ^^

Rap 1:

Yeah, I spot rimes in ya FACE, big time!

I’m at the peak of a mountain you can’t climb

I hit the headlines ain’t got no blind side

Time’s right to make you haters turn white.

Gotta get rid of these ass kissers and pricks,

Which means the rest come up

I show em some tricks

I’m an ace strker like Podolski I score

Make you go “whoa” want some more?


Yeah, if you’re feeling sexy

Now it’s time to get busy

Tell your friends about that

JB is back for the second attack.


Bounce, I’m gon’ make you

Bounce – shake your body


Let me see you put up your hands

And scream – let’s go

Bounce I’m gon’ make you

Bounce – shake your booty


Let me see you bounce,

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Just grab somebody who is hot

And hit the floor

And if you got it tell me

Are you ready to go?

Rap 2:

I don’t need no bling-bling

No chains and rings

These fancy things

To feel like a king

As long as you get down like this

The only thing I miss is a ms.

Who is true to Mr. J. Blue.

Gotta get rid of these vip bitches

Lookin for a cutielicious chick

Which is quite ambitious

Like hitch A.K.A. Will Smith

Tryna find his Lil’ Princess.


Gracias a Ainara por los Scans ^^

lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

Letra de Gotta let me go

Gracias a Ainara

Verse 1:

I-know you’ve been waiting for my call

I-said I’m getting back at you an’

I-know that we spoke about it all

I-I had some days to think it through.

Girl I’ve been waiting

Just to hear your voice

Tell me what am I to do when

Finally – you dare come closer

While I’m movin away from you.


Let me go

Don’t U know

Let it go

I guess this romance is over.

Let me go

Don’t U know

Let it go

I think it is over – so my giiirllll.


You gotta let me go

You kept me waitin much too long

You gotta let me go

You-you gotta let me go

You gotta let me go

You kept me waitin much too long

You gotta let me go

Girl-girl you gotta let me go.

Verse 2:

I cannot understand what you askin’

I always tried to make you feel right

I try to make you feel what I feel too

But U don’t wanna have a real man

U don’t wanna let it go no

And U don’t wanna be alone-no

Since you don’t wanna walk

Along my way

The only thing that I am left to say.


Let me go

Don’t U know

Let it go


Let me go

Don’t U know

Let it go

I think it is over – so my giiirlll.


You gotta let me go

You kept me waitin much too long

You gotta let me go

You – you gotta let me go

You gotta let me go

You kept me waitin much too long

You gotta let me go

Letra de Sick like that

Gracias a Ainara


Yeah, I’m sick like that

Everybody knows that I’m sick like that

I’m sick like that

The way I flip that track

Everybody knows that I’m sick like that.

I’m sick like that when I spit like that

Everybody knows that I’m sick like that.

I’m sick like that

… hey DJ you better turn up the track.

Verse 1:

Everytime I hear a hot beat like this

Everytime a see a hot chick like this

I wanna get it on got love on my list

Everytime I hear a hot beat like this

When I rap like this when I spit like this

Got the whole club bumpin

To the beat like this

Cause I rock this shit

When I drop this shit

…hey DJ! Don’t stop this shit

I use a little bit of this

And little bit of that

Use a little bit of bass

And a little bit of clap

Put it all together

Make the track sound fat

I got it going on with a hook like that.

Verse 2:

Eyo listen everybody ist da funk callypsoo

Brand new style coming at ya disco

People going crazy from Rome to Frisco

Techno-hop with a crazy twist, yo!

Put your hands in the air

That’s the way that shit goes

Gimme some love for this ultimative flow

Heavy weight beats,

Call me Vladi Klitschko

…hey DJ! Playin nothing but the hits, yo!

Now we hiphoppin

Ain’t no stoppin

When I drop this beat

Sweet club music yeah, we cruising

Ladys dance with me.

Verse 3:

Ey yo party people

Don’t ya wanna rock with me

Don’t you wanna get a little ass tonight

And get freaky to da morning light

Ey, yo party people

Don’t ya wanna rock and roll

Get a little stupid and loose control

Where this gonna end

I really don’t know

… hey DJ! Let’s start this show.

Ey, you uh uuh

Sexy little momy what you do

Got me hooked up on your woo doo.

Letra de The king is back

Gracias a Ainara:


The king is back

Hide your daughter

See this is not a test

Oh yes I’m back once again

Never left… I’m on attack.

Verse 1:

Its me… I’m back

Ready to conquer the world – step by step

I got the stuff that you need

It’s the first league… I will succeed

I just won’t stop like a clock

An drop it hot

Don’t you know… that I’m bringin the heat-

I’m driving full speed

Don’t you know I got the masterplan.


Oh boy you know that the king is back

The haters fry at the burguer shack

Got a bag full o’beats

Got the illest tracks

Got your mums in the club

Boy how sick is that?

Chorus repeat

Verse 2:

Ready to go – don’t you know-

Build hits in a row

I drop the bomb – better duck down

Or you get smached by this song

I’m setting trends – I got beats

By Mozart & Friends

Don’t you know that you can not stop me

I got the magic key

Don’t you know I got the masterplan.

jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008


es ridiculo qqq actualice el blog pq hace millones de años q no subia entrada
pero hoy era importante vale :D?

hoy es el 16º cumpleaños de la creadora de JBspain ^^
felicidades Dreaaa caariñoo :)

tenemos q qedar las 3 ^^

y hacer otra qedada DWK xdd

bueno pues eso

y cuando acabe los examenees prometo regresar como admi q soy de este nuestro blog xd

viernes, 21 de noviembre de 2008


He subido los videoclips, making of, otros videos y las películas DWK3, 4 y 5 en español de Jimi Blue para que os las podáis bajar, aquí os dejo el link ^^

El nombre de usuario es eva.briegel, no le he puesto ninguna contraseña ^^

Aqui esta la de DWK 1 en español:

El nombre de usuario es, no le he puesto ninguna contraseña ^^

Se me olvidó poner esto en este blog, lo había subido como hace 2 días o así en el mío, sorry ^^


Bueno, xd a mi tambien se me ha descargado DWK5, así que en cuanto pueda la subo al megavideo, donde también subí  DWK 4. Cuando una amiga me traiga la 1, 2 y 3 de su pueblo (¬¬) las subo tambien y os dejo los links, por si aún no las habeis visto (;

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

DWK 5 !!!!

Bueno ya me la he descargado xd
aun o la e visto pero mi padre a visto un cacho y dice que esta "guay" con vampiros i cosas raras :O xdddd
vuellvo a dejar los enlaces xd

para descargar con emule AQUI
paradescargar con ares AQUI